What Is Creative Visualization?


Let me start by saying life is an unfathomable mystery.

Maybe you recognize that quote. Doesn’t matter.

What’s important is that you let in the truth behind it.

See, if you’ve got life ‘all figured out’ then you’re most likely living a mediocre life. Which is fine for most people. Each day is the same. Yesterday was like today. Today will be like tomorrow. Tomorrow will be like the next day.

Frankly, I’d rather blow my brains out. But that’s just me. I didn’t come down here to be one more little drone.

I came here for a reason!

Didn’t you?

Try to remember back with me, before you were born. Waiting to come to this place called Earth. Wanting to DO something. Having a purpose. Coming in with specific goals in mind. You came here to shake things up – not hide in the sand.

And remember those big dreams you had from childhood and adolescence? You were going to make a difference. And conquer the world. Remember?

So how’s it going?

Life kinda got in the way, didn’t it?

The dreams had to be put aside. Too much ‘stuff’ to deal with. You didn’t know life would turn out like this.

Guess what? IT DIDN’T.

You’re not done. Not by a long shot. Something can come along and sweep you up and all of a sudden you’re in a brand new world. The world you wanted all along. The world of your dreams.

It CAN happen. Life can change in an instant. Problem is, you don’t know what ‘instant’ it is. You don’t know when it will happen. Or even how it can happen.

And that’s the way it should be. If you were ‘certain’ – then it never would happen.

Certainty breeds mediocrity.

You think Einstein was certain? Or any other genius or great thinker, for that matter?

Just because you’re going through your little issues right now, or maybe even beaten down by life, that doesn’t mean you came here to live a mediocre life.

In fact, I’ve discovered that pain and suffering, trials and tribulations, can actually be a springboard to overwhelming success.

You can live the life of your dreams. Even if you’re currently stuck in struggle. You didn’t come here to live a life of pain. You came here to OVERCOME that pain.

Let it in. You have a reason to be here. You have a mission. You have goals bigger than you. Because when you overcome your own little problems, you will be an inspiration to others.

Simply being happy is making the world a better place.

Maybe you’re depressed. REALLY depressed. Well, maybe you came here just to feel a little better. Maybe you took on the burden in this lifetime just so you could learn to live a normal life.

Or maybe you’re scared to death, like I used to be. Too scared to leave the house. Well, maybe you came into this life just so you could overcome that fear.

I can tell you, I’ve already overcome enough problems that if it all ended right now, I could honestly say I lived a successful life. Even though I want so much more, if I died today I would be convinced I’d lived a successful life.

And it would not have been possible without creative visualization.

So What Is Creative Visualization?

It’s taking conscious control of something you’re already doing all day long.

Think about it. How much time do you already spend thinking and visualizing about the future? I can assure you it’s happening a lot more than you might realize.

We’re already spending countless HOURS every single day in un-creative visualization.

What makes it uncreative?

Because it’s passive. And often coming from the ‘lesser’ parts of us – such as our inner child or inner adolescent, or our ego, or our ‘critical parent’.

In other words, it’s coming from parts of us that don’t possess the intelligence or creative powers that we do.

The vast majority of people in this world don’t even do their own thinking, much less their own visualizing. They don’t know what they think. They don’t know what they feel. They don’t know what kind of a future they’re visualizing.

They just go through their day – blind and numb to the incredible power right at their own fingertips.

Creative visualization is a tool you can use to get what you want.

Just like uncreative visualization is the tool that most are already using to get what they say they don’t want.

You get what you visualize.

Visualization conjures up all kinds of powers inside you – such as your imagination, your thoughts and feelings, your beliefs and attitudes, your choices and decisions, your desires and your expectations.

But here’s the thing:

You can’t spend ten or twenty minutes visualizing what you want, and then the rest of the day going back to ‘automatic pilot’ and visualizing what you don’t want. Not if you want to change things.

Let me tell you a secret about creative visualization. You don’t do it to manifest the shiny new red sports car.

You do it to create and maintain the resonance of how you’ll feel when you get that shiny new red sports car.

Creative visualization is about creating and maintaining the resonance you want.

It’s not about manipulating the illusion of the world.

It’s about resonance. YOUR resonance.

You can easily create any resonance you want. It’s the ‘holding onto it’ that’s the hard part.

It’s easy to feel powerful when you’re in your own bedroom. It’s a whole different story when you go out and bump up against the world and other people.

It’s so easy to fall back into the resonance of pity or blame or fear. Especially if you’re visualizing that resonance twenty hours a day.

It’s so easy to go down the same path you’ve already been visualizing for the last twenty or thirty or forty years.

So if you really want to change, you’ve got two choices. You can spend the next twenty or thirty or forty years creating a new resonance – one that supports you. One that you CONSCIOUSLY create. That’s one way.

Or, you can take a few shortcuts. And start seeing results right away.

That’s where I come in. In fact, that’s the whole purpose of this website.

Look, you don’t need to learn how to visualize. You’re already doing it all day long. How much of your day is already spent imagining and thinking about what’s gonna happen?

Probably way too much.

You already know how to think about the future.

You just need to learn how to do it a little more creatively.

Once upon a time, your brain was like a virgin forest. Then you cut down the trees and laid the roads. And you’ve spent your whole life strengthening those pathways in your brain. Pathways that make is so easy to blame or feel like a victim or avoid something or… whatever.

That’s why it’s so damn hard to change. It’s tough cutting through the bushes and the briers when there’s a nice easy wide street to walk down. Even if you don’t like where it takes you.

My job is to show you how to blaze some new trails in the most elegant way possible. I spent 22 years strengthening my ability to focus clearly. And then I’ve been using that focus for the last 14 years to find the absolute best ways to cut through the jungles of the brain.

You’ll be working with your subconscious mind a lot when you start visualizing creatively. You’ll be engaging your subconscious mind to start making it an ally – like it’s supposed to be. Rather than a source of constant frustration.

That emotional wellspring I talk about – it flows through the subconscious before it gets to you. And there’s probably a million other ways your subconscious influences you as well. It does quite a bit more than just digest your food and regulate your body temperature.

It holds the rule book about what you can do and have and be – and what you can achieve in this life. It can make you rich. Or it can keep you in poverty for the rest of your life. It can lead you to the loving relationship your heart truly desires. Or it can ensure you die a lonely death. It can allow you to be filled with love – overflowing with love and happiness and wonder and joy. Or, it can anchor you in your misery all the way to your grave.

You NEED to be working with your subconscious mind. You NEED to make it an ally. You can’t afford not to. I can show you how.

Also, you have an inner child and an inner adolescent. These are living, breathing parts of your personality; parts of your consciousness. They are desperately WAITING for you to help them. I can show you how.

Plus, you have an ego. Everyone, including you, must have an ego to survive in this world. It’s not an option. You would die without an ego.

But it needs to be strong and positive, not weak and negative. A weak ego will lie to you. One minute it says you’re the greatest thing in the world, and the next minute it’s telling you what a schmuck you are. I can show you how to heal your ego to make it strong and positive so it supports you.

You also have a ‘critical parent’ aspect of your personality. This is the voice that constantly nags and criticizes and chews you to pieces inside. I can show you how to silence that negativity for good. And turn it into a ‘nurturing parent’ instead.

And one other part of you I’ll mention – your shadow. Your shadow is real. Oh boy, is it real! It’s the part of you that holds all the thoughts and feelings you don’t want to think and feel. It holds so much of your power. Power that’s been lost to you from the shame and pain and frustrations of living life.

I can show you how to retrieve your power from your shadow – piece by piece.

These are all examples of ‘creative visualization’.

Creative visualization is only a tool. It’s a means to an end.

What you want is a new resonance. I can show you how with creative visualization.